Abandoning responsibilities are never Valid!


Opportunities might knock your door a million times, what knocks once to test what you deserve is a responsibility of a dependent one. Be it parents or children!

We are so ambitious about our opportunities or I would rather say  ignorant about the fact that missing even a single one at the cost of a demanding responsibility makes us feel like we are losing out everything. We start assuming that we are lagging behind, undoubtedly in the common race we might lag but race is such a misinterpreted word which just is being counted on the grounds of career opportunities. What about your position in the race of taking responsibilities, being humane, being available for the dependent ones.

Yes you might be opinionated with my words that one cannot take up responsibilities without taking up the opportunities. Well that’s not my point,  my notion is to find  and at least work for the alternatives that can serve both. The point is not about always taking responsibilities at the cost of your opportunities, rather an attempt, an attitude, a willing desire to understand the deep need of taking responsibility for dependent ones.

It’s you who will fear losing big opportunities for taking great responsibilities but there is this universal power that creates opportunities for you, seeing how your much demanded responsibility was delivered by you.

The whole point is  You will never be short of opportunities, what you will never get a chance again to deliver will be taking up a responsibility. 

It needs a wise understanding to grow and evolve not just merely by earning revenue but earning the pride and peace for being there for them whose opportunities either have not started knocking or have stopped knocking. 

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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