8 Powerful lessons in 10 minutes that took me a lifetime to learn

8 powerful lessons in 10 minutes that took me a lifetime to learn.

8 powerful lessons in 10 minutes that took me a lifetime to learn

The keyword is 10 minutes which looks simpler than ever but to draw the benefit out of these lessons; it will not be a 10-minute game.

The fact that you haven’t gone through the grinding part will not give you the first-hand experience.

But that cannot refrain you from understanding them and implementing them.


Why it takes eons to understand Life?

We expect things to come easy to us. We want the credit, but we fail to give our arduous attempts. 

We want wisdom but we don’t want to go through the pain that brings it.

We want knowledge but we fail to study the hard things.

We want good times, but we fail to work on our bad days.

We want all the success, but we fail to override our failures.

And the staggering part is that if all this comes for free, we either overlook it or take it for granted. 

Going through the grinding part to get the juice is hard so most of us skip it and getting the juice for free makes us undervalue it.

This is how human minds fool themselves. They are blindfolded to understand how the gold nuggets of life are to be found. 

Great things do not happen to great people, they happen who are ready to create something great out of everything they get.

Some of the gold nuggets that I took an age to understand, I want you to take them home but only if you succeed in not seeing them as some random words on the internet.

The realizations, the lessons, and the learnings that I earned by giving a price I never was enough to afford them. 

But as they had planned their way towards me without seeking my consent, I kept my arms open and mind ready to understand why they were happening to me.

I kept drawing conclusions by making my interpretations.

The insights that if you firmly believe in and imply in your life, you will find it a little easier to navigate life.


You are not required to be intelligent to become successful. 

Success comes if you are passionate to build your intelligence.

The deciding factor for Success is not how excellent your brain works but it is how passionate you are to use it to its maximum ability.

It comes to those who are willing to explore their potential and practice to set another level each time they reach their threshold.

So, don’t let the high intellect of people around put you in doubt that things are unachievable for you. We are not born with the same level of intelligence quotient but we are all born with the ability to use our brains to our maximum potential and even more.

The game changer is never the intelligence, it is the passion that makes the best use of intelligence.


Without experiencing failure, Success becomes a failure

Failure is not a signal to not go further, it is instead an indication to pause, look back, maybe even reverse a few steps, rehearse them better and make a bigger jump.

 If success is your destination, failure is the signboard.

If you are Loving your success and hating your failure, you are losing on Life. 

Success and fame are fleeting and only if you have tasted the flavor of failure, you can keep riding even when you lose.

Only the one who has failed can survive the dips and hikes of success. 


You create good times and Bad times create you. 

We know our abilities but not all of us are aware of the potential that we have. 

Pressure builds potential, discomfort creates pressure and it is the bad times that bring discomfort.

The more you feel the pressure, the more you discover your potential.

 Not all of us are genius, and not all of us are extraordinary but that does not confirm us to remain ordinary or average in Life. 

Bad times are a chance that makes us uncomfortable that we are pressurized to remove our ordinary layer, thus revealing the extraordinary one. 

The pain to shed off that ordinary layer is unbearable but the discomfort to live in the bad times is worse and this triggers you to reach the level where you can see the becoming of your extraordinary. 

The pain will become your weapon the moment you start seeing your potential rather than it hitting you like a bullet.


You are not God, but you are Godly

This is something that can completely transform your life. These words can help you reach amazing heights without losing your humbleness.

So, what does it mean to be Godly but not God? 

Just like the smallest particle of gold is also gold, just like a single drop of the ocean is as salty as the water in the ocean, you are being the tiniest part of God are also God-like. 

It means you have all the power that God has; you are as able as God is, but you are not God because you cannot control. 

As Bhagwad Gita says, you are Brahma and God is Par Brahma.

The takeaway is that nothing in this World is impossible for you to achieve and everything that you achieve is not solely your achievement. 

You can build power, but you cannot create it.

You can achieve things, but you cannot control them.

You can receive things, but you are not the Creator. 

You are buying all the stuff for a price, but you are missing out on the one that is for free. 

World markets its product so that it can tempt you and do great business with it. But Nature keeps working on its beauty and does no marketing to show it.

The irony is, the World profits from you, and Nature gives you the profit.

The sooner you realize how much Nature can uplevel your life, the better your living will become.


Don’t dare to dream for free.

The world showcases to us a picture that is a missing element in our life, and we are so deeply magnetized to this missing piece that we start dreaming about it.

The dream is worldly happiness that you see somewhere someone living it and you wish to draw the same picture on your canvas.

What goes wrong is not that you dared to dream but you dared to dream it for no price.

Dreaming without the awareness of the fact that you got to pay a huge price before you live it, can make your Dream a nightmare.

Anything that you dream to have in your life is far-fetched for you, but the Universe has a way to make you live it in real.

What the Universe command is, to come and show your worth for the Dream.


The key to Success is not Motivation, it is Discipline. 

The key to success is not Motivation but the key to Discipline is Motivation. 

Let me put it simply. If you want to write a book in a certain time frame, you first need a kickstart to write the very first chapter. This is what is called motivation. Motivation comes when you visualize the destination that you dream to reach.

It’s the fancy destination that floods you with motivation. Like visualizing your book publish someday and seeing yourself as a famous writer. The whole imagination makes you motivated. But for how long will this motivation keep the fire burning in you.

Before starting the journey, the motivation is on its high and the moment you take a few steps, you start losing sight of your destination and your attention is grabbed by the day-to-day hurdles coming your way.

This is when your motivation drops down drastically. So, once you have started writing the first chapter, the level of motivation is not going to be the same all the way through. It might drop down and chances are that it may even fade away with time because showing up in the face of obstructions will demand something beyond motivation. With every next step, a little more motivation is required which becomes a Herculean task. So, here comes the role of discipline. To keep yourself going with writing for the book, you need to practice discipline.

If motivation comes from the destination, it is the discipline that makes you reach the Destination.


You are your Responsibility in the end

Until things are going smoothly, you will not get to see the negative side of everyone you surround with.

Until everything is going as per the plan, all faces will look lovely and all souls will appear kind.

Until life is following your instructions, the World will look in your favor.

The point when life takes a turn and things stop moving as per your plan, as per the order, as per the tradition, as per the society…. the smooth becomes needle-like, the easy becomes uncomfortable, the smiles become hard and you become bonkers.

So, when your life takes you on a different ride, you see different faces. 

Not that they do not love you or are not bothered for you, but they cannot live life on your behalf.

Imprint these 8 lessons in your mind and see how fulfilling your life will become.



Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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