10 ways to improve your Life

10 ways to improve your Life

10 ways to improve your life

10 ways to improve your Life
The more busy you are with the improvement of your inner life, the more active you become in social life, helping other people" -Leo Tolstoy

10 ways to improve your Life

When life and you are not in alignment,

 There is a need for change.

            There is a need to improve.

And to improve life is to make life favorable for you.

This blog will cover 10 ways to improve your life.

If I say there is a need to improve life, does it mean you aren’t living it well?

Or it means you don’t know how to live life well?

No matter what the scenario is but the fact that you aren’t liking the way life is going, demands you to take responsibility for Life.


What makes Life go haywire?

The human mind is designed to give you the ability to think. 

But what it thinks, is not fixed. 

You have the freedom to think whatsoever you wish to.

And the tendency is, it thinks about stuff that is tempting and easy.

It visualises an easy life.

It never anticipates the hard stuff.

It wants joy and repels misery.

It wants to dance in the Lala land.

It wants to have vacations and go to parties.

It wants to meet all the good people. 

The state that mind wishes to be in is:

No effort mode

It does not want to walk miles.

It does not want you to be treated badly.

It does not want you to go through hard times.

But while it is constantly thinking about having the easy and good stuff, you start becoming foreign to everything hard and negative. 

Life on the other side is a mixture of everything.

The good, the bad.

The easy, the tough.

The Negative, the positive.

The evil, the divine.

The weak, the strong.

The joy, the misery.

The smiles, the tears.

But because you anticipated only the good side, when life comes with its other side, you feel bombarded. 

You lose your calm.

The alignment between your mind and life goes out of the way.

This is when life feels like going haywire. 

But the truth is, Life has a fixed pattern.

To go through change. 

And when your mind does not align with the change, you mess up.


What happens when you improve your Life?

Like the eggshell protects the embryo, similarly when you practice certain good things in your life, you protect your soul and mind from crashing. 

The chances of life coming up with a bad picture are quite common.

The chances of negativity encapsulating you, are very high.

The chances of you being tempted to trash are high.

The chances of quitting in the face of a rough patch of life are high. 

You have no control over a changing life pattern.

You cannot stop the World from spreading negativity. 

Everything toxic that you are unintentionally or intentionally exposed to, taints your mind.

 The only charge you can take of is that of your Mind.

But when you work to improve your life, you build a fence around your mind, body and soul.

You build new ways of improving life like soldiers guarding your Kingdom from external dangers.

They battle the negative and safeguard your Kingdom from invasion. 

These improvement strategies if practised regularly over some time, can make you so well-guarded and immune to all the negativity and maelstroms you ever come through. 


Life improves when You improve!

There is nothing sudden.

When you gradually make a routine of good things, great things come to surprise you suddenly.

But to have the surprises, you have to forge a bond with life.

No matter how Life comes, just be the best friend. The one who stays in the thick and thin.

And then reap the rewards of the friendship.

In this blog, I want to share 10 ways that can amazingly improve your life.


10 Ways to improve your Life


1. Your mind is like your Child, it grows better if nurtured better

Your childlike mind plays with your thoughts without knowing which of them are good and which are bad.

It loves to do things that look fun and easy no matter what minefields it leads you into.

It does not know how to filter them and choose the right ones.

Clueless about the impact these wrong choices of thoughts can have on you, even a good life can go wrong.

But you are the parent. The one who knows what is good and bad for the child.

What you need is to sit in a healthy discussion with your mind, mentor it and stop it from getting trapped in the wrong stuff.

Take fine notice of everything it does.

The more you will guide it, the more it will become aware of choosing the right things.

A well-guided and mentored mind becomes a wise mind that takes the best decisions for you.

The better thoughts your mind allows, the better your life becomes.



2. Monitor your temptations and take charge.

Negativity is powerful, positivity needs power.

 Negativity surrounds you the most, so you need to walk an extra mile to surround yourself with positive things.

If you want to build a better life, start it by monitoring how you interact with your life.

You will notice how out of ignorance; you choose things that degrade your life.

Starting from social media interactions to those spoiled routines, you do them with a blind eye.

The fact that there is no instant punishment or consequence for engaging in non-productive or toxic things, you continue doing them.

They are easy, they look fun, and they raise your dopamine, so you fail to see the minefields they slowly lead you into.

Zoom out.

And see the picture now.

How these habits are slowly corroding you, how a lack of a good system is dumping you more into the garbage. 

Take charge, build systems, make good habits, and start seeing life in the long run.



3. You will understand the World better if you know yourself better.

A major part of your life’s health rests upon how you interact with the world.

The better the interactions, the better life looks.

And when you mess up with the world around you, Life looks messed up.

You assume, if you know them better, the relationships will become better.

The truth that is understood either very late or never is, is that only when you know yourself more, you understand anyone else better.


You have to dig in to find how you function and how that functioning makes an impact on others.

Your entire life is spent looking into how people around you are.

And while you are trying to understand their physiology and psychology, you forget what yours is.

And when you are ignorant of how you function, your actions malfunction.

To receive a good reaction, you got to know how to give great action.

And great actions come when you act towards knowing yourself.

4.Understand and implement the power of silence

Anger poured onto a person who practices silence is like water off the duck’s back. 

The famous Writer Paulo Coelho describes it beautifully. 

If someone comes to you with a gift, and you do not accept it, who does the gift belong to? – asked the Samurai.

– He who tried to deliver it – replied one of his disciples.

– The same goes for envy, anger and insults – said the master. – When they are not accepted, they continue to belong to the one who carried them. 

So, when you show silence, you are returning the anger.

And when it is returned, it creates havoc for the one who brought it.

“Sometimes the lesson is allowing people to feel the impact of their actions. Not jumping in immediately to save them or clean up their mess. Letting them sit in the discomfort of their creation. This is also compassion” -Maryam Hasnaa

5. Don’t try changing the World.

You will not like the world as you grow.

There will be all kinds of negative emotions that the World will fill you with.  Your expectations will be ruined.

Saying that it does not impact you will be like lying to yourself.

It does.

It does tremendously impact your well-being when you don’t get a positive vibration from people. 

You are a part of the world and there is an immense possibility of you reacting to the negative that comes from the world.

And You force change on people. 

You want to dictate them the right way.

But stop.

It’s not going to be worth doing.

People don’t change when you ask them, they change when they are moved, impressed, feel driven and feel the shift in their mindset. 

Be the change that you want to see in the World and not ask for them to change.

6. Dreams destroy you if you don’t pay the price.

The world is racing to get better, bigger and brighter.

If you do not match the pace, you feel lagged.

And you begin to dream.

Something that you don’t have but you see someone somewhere living it.

You begin to fantasize about having it someday.

But when the Dream starts, the Suffering begins too.

The state when where you are is not where you want to be.

And this bombards the life you are currently living in.

But if you Dream with an aware and open mind, you will not let those far-fetched desires impact life.

When you plan for a Dream, you find out what the price is, how small or big it is, how long it will take, and how hard or easy it is going to be and then start working on it.

When your plan has clarity, the dream grows into a possibility.

7. The body is for free, Health demands a price. 

My mother says your body is the costliest asset you have, for no price.

Take very good care of it.

Things that you pay no price for, you lose the value for them. You take them for granted.

The body is your gift.

But Health is not served on the table.

It demands you to walk, do the work and put the right thing into your body to make it run smoothly. 

 Only if you look after your health, your body will support you with a good life.

8. Power of Gratitude 

We want what we don’t have.  Our attention is grabbed by the missing elements. 

The temptation for things you do not have is greater than the happiness for things you are having. 

And this creates suffering. 

But what if what we have is taken away from us?

Do we have the authority to keep things that we have?

The misfortune of losing what you had is a bigger loss than the Suffering you go through when you don’t get what you want.

It’s until you have lost anything that you had; you will not know how valuable things are.

Gratitude is not just about being thankful for what you have, it is about understanding what a subtraction of a major thing from your life can do to you.

It is to realize what you have, is something your life might not be possible without and what you want, is something your life can still manage without. 

When you focus on how much you have, what you don’t have is drawn towards you.

Be the magnet of Gratitude that has the inherent ability to attract things and not chase them.

9. Setting a purpose 

The journey is prime but if you do not know where you want to reach, you will get lost in it. 

The world traps you in its worldly affairs and you never get to know what exactly you were here in this World for.

Life is long but it fleets away.

Before it does, pause the play button and think deeply about whether this is the song you wanted to hear or if there is something better you can choose.

The song that will bring meaning to your life.

10.Build the present, the Present will build the Future 

The idea of building the present is lost on most of us.

We assume we have to build the Future. 

Reality is when the present is cooked, the Future is served.
There is no Great Future if there is no Great You in the Present. 

The future is a gift you get for the work you put into your present. 

The now is where the Future is made.

Before you start with your self-improvement journey, figure out what improvement means to you.

Is it a better lifestyle or styling life better?

Once you know what you want, start finding ways to improve your life.

The 10 ways to improve your life might not improve life in a day or two on just reading the blog post But if you are someone who is wanting to upgrade life, you got to focus on each point, research more and find best ways to implement it.

Good luck for the new and improved life.

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