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About Me


Iam not a Born Writer but I was born to Write!

My name is Sarita Mian. The girl who was born in Hills and the lady who evolved in Plains.
The name “SARITA” that I always felt was orthodox and old-fashioned and found it is ruining my personality.
I kept nagging my family for the longest time for putting on this nameplate.
People would come up and tell me👉You know Sarita. “SARITA” is my mom’s name, Aunt’s name, and yes even Grandma’s name.
And this made me dislike it more …for being not merely common but of an era, I did not belong to.
It did impact me.
But then, chapters turned..I evolved.
I raised my bar of perception and looked profoundly into the meaning of my name.
No stones, no mountains, nothing can ever hinder a river from flowing and making its way further into the ocean.
So was I, flowing and unstoppable!
I felt a strong connection and started forging a bond with my name.
Till the time I gave my name the authority to paint my personality…I felt average and less and the moment my Character, my attitude, and my resilience started resonating with the meaning of my name…I started feeling Unique and Special.

“SARITA” feels like my Crown 👸now!

It took me around 10 years of work, 36 years of my life and a life challenging turmoil to realize that I had a different Calling.

Thanks to the gut and the tides🥂 that I dared to hear it, go for it and work for it. And this brought into the picture my Blog “ ” around 2 years back.

Being a Microbiologist for more than a decade, I discovered I was a Writer for Life!

I’m out in the world to not surpass anyone, to not create commotion but there to inspire.

A Voice that will have an Impact, Words that will have a deep insight, Wisdom that will uplevel the mediocrity of thoughts you are trapped in and motivation that will instill a strong belief system helping you carve into someone you would have never believed to be.


✅Recreate your body, mind and soul to kick off the next chapter of your Story with flying colors

✅ Unlearning to Learn Better                       

✅Become self-driven

✅ Reflect on the miraculous 5 senses you are blessed with to stand out.                                     

✅Illuminate your personality, awaken your soul.

✅Uplevel your Adversity Quotient (AQ)

✅Find Keys to the Locked Doors

Welcome to
Locks and Keys

Welcome to The Locks and Keys!

A place where I will unfold my experiences to give you the Light that I received on my way.

My chapters had pain, struggle, locked doors but resilience as well that kept me reading them because my story was destined to be an Inspiration.

Iam here to share with you, all the insights and life lessons I gained over the years going from one chapter to another to help you navigate Life’s ebbs and flows. 

 Light is what each one of us look for but still darkness paves its way, Smooth is what we want our roads to be but still the bumps keep coming our way, Happiness is what we keep praying for but still trials come and test us.

I say, let everything that is not under your control come, crawl and surround you. They can obstruct your way, but they cannot stop you from reaching your Destination.  

Make your prayers so profound, your spirit so bold, your soul so pious, your heart so great, that no locked door keeps you away from where you are destined to reach.

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